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A Brief Look at Sudoku Directions | LMY NEWS

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A Brief Look at Sudoku Directions | LMY NEWS
A Brief Look at Sudoku Directions | LMY NEWS

You've decided to try out this new game that seems to be the craze right now, but you aren't sure how to play. Here you will find a brief overview of the sudoku directions that may help you to get started. Once you work the puzzle a few times, you'll get the hang of it and be determined to move onto harder, more time consuming puzzles. 

The first sudoku direction is patience, patience, patience. A sudoku puzzle is made up of a 9x9 grid with 9 slots in each row. The 9x9 grid is divided into 3x3 areas that already have numbers in them. The main sudoku direction is that you cannot move or alter these numbers. They must stay what they are and where they are. Another big sudoku direction is that you have to fill in the empty slots with the numbers 1-9, being sure not to duplicate the numbers in each row, column or area. 

Sudoku directions are easy to understand but harder to meet. Once you have gone by the sudoku directions and finished your puzzle, you need to go back and check yourself. This involves scanning. Scanning can actually be used to check your puzzle upon completion or help you to finish the puzzle, making sure you followed the sudoku directions. Scanning involves counting and cross-hatching, which can be done at the outset and occasionally throughout the puzzle. A scan of rows is used to determine the line in an area that has a specific number in the elimination process. Counting involves counting 1-9 in regions, rows and columns to identify the missing number. 

Though the directions sound complicated, they are not. Pick up a puzzle and try it out. Pretty soon the sudoku directions will become second nature to you because most that pick up a puzzle have a hard time putting it down.