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A Brief Look at Dental Implant Manufacturers

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A Brief Look at Dental Implant Manufacturers
A Brief Look at Dental Implant Manufacturers
There are a large number of dental implant manufacturers throughout the US and all are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This ensures they meet very strict guidelines in the production of dental implant materials.
Dental implant manufacturers provide dentists with a wide range of products. Dental implants are usually a screw-type implant, fixed directly into the jawbone or a plate type, custom built to sit between the gum and the jawbone.
Most implants are manufactured from titanium. This is because titanium has no known ill-effects in the body, is extremely unlikely to cause a reaction and is bio-compatible, which means it is able to exist alongside the living tissues in the mouth without causing damage to them.
Nobel Biocare are a leader in dental implant manufacturers. Formed after Swedish professor Per-Ingvar Br'nemark discovered that titanium is not rejected by bone, this has been the basis of procedures practiced since 1965. Nobel Biocare are currently marketing their unique 'Immediate Function' implants ' these can provide the patient with a single-session treatment to replace a tooth with a fully functioning implant, finished by the replacement of a temporary crown with a permanent one after a few months.
Bicon are pushing their unique two part implant, with no screw parts and with shorter metal stems than other brands. They also boast a Superior Gingival Aesthetic which to the dentist means - to quote their website - 'Never again will you have to apologize for a dark gum line'.
Implant Innovations, Inc. (3i) are a worldwide dental implant manufacturer of various dental products, with a patented range of dental implants. They claim to eliminate mis-matched components, and have an audible and tactile confirmation that the implant is secured during the fitting process.
These are just three dental implant manufacturers ' there are over 50 in the US alone - providing dentists with a large amount of choice in getting the right implant for each patient. Whilst these are easily available to research on the Internet - search for 'dental implant manufacturers' - your dentist might have a favorite but will certainly know best which implant product is for you. You can make use of the dental implant manufacturers websites to read up on his suggestion before you go ahead and have the surgery.