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Having a basement in your home may be both a blessing and a curse

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Having a basement in your home may be both a blessing and a curse

                                In certain parts of America, the basement is an excellent thing to own. It protects you and your family from some of the most powerful natural disasters known to man ' disasters like tornadoes, baseball sized hail and a myriad of other natural phenomena which people living in the Midwest have had to grow accustomed to. However, when you are not using your basement to take shelter from the elements, even the most high tech, fully remodeled basement can become a bit of a problem, thanks to basement mold, and a variety of other problems. Luckily enough, with a few handy tips on basement remodeling, you can turn your otherwise dank and damp basement into another beautiful room in your home which you will want to retreat to even if the tornado warning sirens are not blaring down your street.

When you finally choose to remodel basement floors and walls, you will certainly want to keep one thing on your mind ' the biggest problem plaguing most basements is that they are dirty, moldy and overall very damp. One of the most important basement finishing ideas to combat the musty basement is to install a basement dehumidifier. When combined with some basement waterproofing options, you will be incredibly surprised by how much more enjoyable your basement will become. In your basement, you will no longer discover that musty odor of mold and germs.

Another important step to basement finishing is to install some flooring. Standard basement flooring is generally a simple concrete slab, but if you want to make your basement more like a typical room in your house, you should cover over the cold, damp slab with either some wood or some carpet. Either option will certainly contribute to making your previously unlivable basement into a room your whole family can enjoy on a regular basis.